Noise & Gas Level Checks


We use a sound meter to check what amount of noise is happening at any particular moment in time. For example, some farmers may want to know what decibel level their tractor produces, or what decibel level is present in their carrot processing facility when all of the equipment is running.  Employers have certain obligations once workers are exposed to 80dBA.



The two types of gas we have the ability to check are Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Ammonia. Essentially, our equipment is really an alarm rather than a continuous monitor. They are designed to alert persons to dangerous levels of these gases.


H2S is most present from the waste in hogs, poultry and dairy cattle, and can also occur in mushroom farming but usually at very low levels. However, when levels suddenly it could be immediately fatal. H2S has also been found in potato/vegetable farms from decomposition of the organic matter but this is much less likely. 


Ammonia is usually present in poultry barns and is harmful to people but does not cause fatalities. Legislation imposes maximum levels of these gases to which a worker may be exposed. We will typically use our equipment to demonstrate to farms why they should have these alarms for themselves.

For questions or to arrange this service, contact:

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Farm Safety Consultant

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