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The Manitoba Farm Safety Program (FSP) was established in 2016 to provide workplace safety and health advisory services and training to producers. We are program hosted by Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), however our services are available to all farmers whether or not they are KAP members - all sizes and all commodities.

FSP employs two full-time staff that work solely on administering training, advisory services.

FSP is directed by a council made of up local producers from eight commodity groups across the province.

"What are we, and what do we actually do?"

We are a not-for profit that...

  • provides free training seminars, workshops and resources to all producers;

  • does free on-farm walk-arounds that can act as a mock inspection to show you what Workplace Safety and Health Officers look for;

  • makes suggestions on how safety practices can be improved;

  • can review your current practices and procedures;

We are not government, or a program of the government and therefor...

  • do not share or report any producer information;

  • cannot 'report' anything to Workplace Safety and Health;

  • have no ability or intention to 'shut you down';

Guaranteed Confidentiality

As a non-government program, FSP has no right obligation to share information about the farms we visit and the producers we advise. Names locations, observations, reports and any other correspondence are kept strictly confidential.


Respect - We respect farmers’ independence and privacy, and the unique and varied cultures across Manitoba farms

Honesty - We must offer and seek honesty to clearly understand the safety challenges farms face and work together to see meaningful results

Independence - The Farm Safety program is led by farmers, to serve farmers, and demonstrates our understanding and acceptance of our responsibility to ensure farms are safe workplaces

Accountability - We will do what we say we are going to do, and measure and report results as stewards of farmers’ investment in safety

Professionalism - Our professional approach to safety is rooted in a deep understanding of agriculture, and a commitment to ensure a high level of competency, confidentiality, and reliability in our services.

We believe . . .

  • Farms can be safe workplaces

  • Our programs must be realistic, practical and flexible to effectively serve all farms

  • Safety is crucial to preserving the farm legacy for future generations

Manitoba farmers will be educated on safety regulations, and able to demonstrate clear improvements in farm safety practices and culture.



The Manitoba Farm Safety Program provides farm-specific resources and guidance to help farmers become aware, compliant and able to ensure healthy, safe workplaces.



The Manitoba Farm Safety Program will be recognized as the ‘go-to’ resource for farm safety, with a customized suite of valued safety resources and tools and sustainable funding.

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